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"Time to Die" ... Name the top death scenes of the '80s




The history of cinema is full of great death scenes. And like Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, I spend hours ... I spend days ... thinking about death scenes and which '80s movie death I'd like to choose for my own eventual demise.

I'd probably avoid the seriously painful (Spock in Wrath of Khan -- Kirk's eulogy still makes me sob -- or Tony Montana in Scarface) and go for the fast-and-quick but brilliantly overwrought variety (King Arthur in Excalibur? Maybe the Joker in Batman!) Oh, who am I kidding? I'd go for the saddest one. Goose in Top Gun. Sentimental Spearsy to the end.

For today's exercise in mopishness, let's all nominate our picks for BEST DEATH SCENES OF THE '80s. Per usual, it must be an '80s release. And the person must actually die! He or she can return to the living somehow (yay Spock!). For added bonus points, pick the '80s death you'd want for yourself. Wow, this is dark for a Friday.

Here are five that come to mind:

KEVIN BACK in FRIDAY THE 13th: I'd use his character's name (Jack Burrel) if anyone could actually recognize it. Let's face it, Bacon's the only '80s dude who catches an arrow using his throat.

THE MELTING NAZI in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: So many great death scenes in this movie alone -- always fond of the airplane propeller death too -- but this one stands out.

ANY WOLVERINE DEATH in RED DAWN: Can you narrow it to just one? Maybe Powers Boothe. "Shoot straight ... you Army ... pukes."

ROY BATTY in BLADE RUNNER: Rutger Hauer's best work of all time (second place: Hauer as Albert Speer in Inside the Third Reich.) And if I hadn't already chosen Goose's death, I'd pick this one. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.

MICKEY IN ROCKY 3: Narrowly gets the nod over Apollo Creed in Rocky 4. After all, "if he dies ... he dies."

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