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Together AGAIN in Electric Dreams?



Electric_dreams The good news just keeps coming this summer. First, The Human League embarks on their first big U.S. tour in forever, finishing each glorious show with "Together in Electric Dreams," and now ...

The 1984 flick "Electric Dreams" -- which used the Phil Oakey/Giorgio Moroder song as a title track -- could be remade soon.

Virginia Madsen, who co-starred in the original flick, has the remake project on the slate of her new production company, Title IX Productions. The film also starred Lenny Von Dohlen ("Twin Peaks") and Maxwell Caulfield ("Grease 2").

Normally, I'd rail against remaking a '80s classic, but I won't here because, well, frankly it wasn't exactly a classic. The song sold better than the movie, and the plot -- which followed a devilish computer and its geeky owner as they fight over a sexy female -- could really benefit from an update in technology.

Still, as always, I have some plot suggestions...


5. BRING BACK THE CAST: Bring back the original cast, but make Madsen the lonely geek who buys a computer to combat her loneliness.

4. STUCK IN THE ... REMAKE: Have Mr. Von Dohlen play the seemingly unobtainable and sexy creator of a 80s blog and podcast, who catches the fancy of Madsen through his brilliantly clever but very sensitive and heartfelt writing.

3. A MAC ATTACK: Give Madsen a Mac powerbook to use as her accomplice. Macs are wily critters capable of any sorts of mischief. And ultimately, our 80s blogger/hero will choose the very sexy Madsen over something that keeps crashing whenever he tries to load his favorite adult sites.

2. THE COMIC RELIEF: That rascal Caulfield can play the blogger's best friend -- perhaps give him the role of an large-headed music critic who likes to burst out into songs from ... you guessed it, "Grease 2." ("Reproduction! Is that all you think about? Reproduction!")

1. TOGETHER AGAIN: And finally, bring back the talented Phil Oakey to re-mix the original title track and to add another 10 new tunes for the soundtrack, thus launching the band on yet another tour of the U.S.

Now that's a dream I can really get into.

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:37pm]


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