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This is the Tommy Lee I like best ...




I'm not sure what I think of Tommy Lee, the rock star. Or Tommy Lee, the porn star. But Tommy Lee, the freshman at University of Nebraska? Aww, shucks. I just want to pinch his cheeks and rub that mop of a haircut. Adorable.

When Stuck in the '80s recently chatted on the phone with Lee (his band Motley Crue has a July 6 gig at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa), the only questions I wanted to ask were about his 2005 reality show, Tommy Lee Goes To College. He had some great answers, but they didn't make our Q&A that ran in the St. Petersburg Times on June 30. (But you can hear the full interview right here on the complete podcast). I blame it on my co-host, whose interest in rock and roll seems confined to the region between the knees and belly-button.

Here's what Tommy had to say: 

"It was fun for me because it was something I hadn't done. I'd never got a chance to go to college. Motley started touring when I was 17, 18 years old, so I quit my senior year of high school because I got a recording contract. So I never got a chance to do that whole college thing. So for me it was an experience and that's why I did the show. I don't really just sign on to do cheese-ball reality shows just for the hell of it."

On his mother's tearful reaction at the show's beginning (and I don't care if it was fake or not), Tommy said, "I think all parents want to see their parents go [to college]. I don't think parents have kids to go, like, 'I hope my son grows up to be a rock school, quits high school and be a maniac.' So she probably got a little bit of 'Wow, he's actually going to check out something he didn't get a chance to when he was growing up.' So that's cool."

Click here to download the whole Tommy Lee podcast (though naturally, I'll warn you that some of the content is probably PG-13 or above.) Or click here to get all our shows for free via iTunes.

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