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Tommy_tutone Here's a great reader e-mail from "J Dub" in Joliet, Ill. (aka "The Joilet):

As a proud member of the class of 1988, I just wanted to send you and Sean a thanks. I found your website about six months ago while Google-ing for information about the feud between John Cusack and Savage Steve Holland, and although I hate podcasts, I have listened to every single one of yours.

I have a recent, '80s-related story, although it doesn't tie into any podcast or blog. Last summer, a friend of mine named Kelly who bartends at a Chicago bar named Cans called me up because, for their anniversary celebration, they had booked Tommy Tutone for an outdoor concert.

Knowing that I'm a child of the '80s, and that "Tommy Tutone 2" was one of my inaugural selections from the Columbia Record And Tape Club back in 1983, she knew I wouldn't pass the show up. I went, and enjoyed the rather guitar-heavy sound they now feature. I only recognized about three songs; in addition to "867-5309 (Jenny)," fitting for me since I had just broken up with a girl by that name, they played covers of Cat Stevens' "Wild World" (awful) and a Blink-182 song (awful-er).

Still, when some girl wandered into the crowd selling a new CD by the band for $10, I figured it was worth the expense to pick it up. It even had a sequel to "867-5309", named "Jenny's Calling" (again rather fitting, since I hooked back up with my Jenny not long after).

Kelly was running an outdoor beer tub, and I hung with her as the security crew started herding everyone into the bar after the show. After she closed her station and we started to leave, I heard the girl who had been selling the CDs yell "That's him! He's the one!" and looked over to see her pointing at me.

At first I was afraid that I was drunker than I thought and had done more than just hand her some money in exchange for a CD, but it turned out that out of the rather large crowd there for the show, I was the only person who had bought the CD.

The guys in the band came outside, said hi, and thanked me for buying their album.

I gotta admit, I was torn between being geeked out that the band had said hello to me and feeling ashamed for being the single person out of hundreds who was so '80s-obsessed that I shelled out $10 for a CD that, I found out later, wasn't very good.

Such is the life of someone stuck in the '80s, and I thank both of you for catering to those of us who, like me, for some reason insanely romanticize that decade.

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