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Top 10 bio-pics: No. 5 ... Reds




The march through the Top 10 Bio-Pics of the '80s continues today with one of personal favorites. 

5. REDS (1981): This movie tells the true story of John Reed (Warren Beatty), a radical American journalist who travels to Russia in time for the October Revolution in 1917, when the Communists siezed power. He'd later write a book about the experience titled Ten Days that Shook the World. A long time personal project for Beatty, he began filming scenes for it in the '70s. More than 130 hours of footage were eventually filmed.

Trivia: To date, this is the last movie to receive Oscar nominations in each of the four acting categories (Beatty for Best Actor; Diane Keaton for Best Actress; Jack Nicholson for Best Supporting Actor; and Maureen Stapleton for Best Supporting Actress -- she was the only winner). Beatty did win the Oscar for Best Director. The film lost to another true story, Chariots of Fire, for Best Picture.

What critics said: "As for Beatty, Reds is his bravura turn. He got the idea, nurtured it for a decade, found the financing, wrote most of the script, produced, and directed and starred and still found enough artistic detachment to make his Reed into a flawed, fascinating enigma instead of a boring archetypal hero. I liked this movie. I felt a real fondness for it." -- Roger Ebert

Signature line: "I think voting is the opium of the masses in this country. Every four years you deaden the pain." 

The Top 10 Bio-pics of the '80s: 

10. My Left Foot

9. Gorillas in the Mist

8. The Last Emperor

7. Coal Miner's Daughter

6. Bird

5. Reds

4. Stand and Deliver

3. Gandhi

2. Amadeus

1. Raging Bull

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