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A top 10 list from the 80s ... Thank you, Apple



What in the world did we do before iPods? Oh yeah. Record stores. Nevermind. Anyway, here's a quickie look at the top 10 most played songs on Steve's iPod.

Straight to Hell (The Clash): A very underrated gem from Combat Rock, first introduced to me by a coworker who used to steal bread and beer from the grocery store where we bagged groceries.

Fall on Me (REM): Not sure why this particular song was played more than others. Probably the will of the "shuffle" mode. But anything off Life's Rich Pageant is worthy of this list.

The Look of Love (ABC): What can I say? I've been in an ABC mood all week. Plus, this song is less irritating than Poison Arrow.

Everything Counts (Depeche Mode): A classic from a band that needs to play more songs like it during their shows. Plus, it's also the closing music from our Depeche Mode podcast.

Stone in Love (Journey): The only song on my list that makes me turn up the radio every time. And if I get interrupted, I start it over again.

We Close Our Eyes (Oingo Boingo): Though I don't think I've said it before on the blog, I was a huge Boingo fan in the 80s and 90s. This song, from the late 80s, is a bit more mellow but never hard on the ears.

Dancing with Myself (Billy Idol): This song can cheer up anyone, so it's a good standby on a rough week.

Melt with You (Bowling for Soup): Yeah, I have the Bowling for Soup version in my top 10 playlist, not the Modern English version. Curious.

Boys Don't Cry (The Cure): A fun song that always reminds me of the movie The Wedding Singer. (It's playing in the background in Robbie's bedroom after he's dumped by Linda.)

Don't Cry (Asia): I seem to be a "don't cry" kick. I started listening to this song after pop music critic Sean Daly dared me to listen to it without doing dorky air drums. I can't.

There you go. Pan me at will. But remember, it's really my iPod's fault.

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