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Top 10 Stuck in the '80s podcasts? You vote

Sean Stuck in the '80s is up to show No. 200. And we've been sitting there for a few weeks now. What's the delay? Hey, it takes a while to put together a milestone show like this.

But you can help. Below you'll find a list of what we believe are the top 10 Stuck in the '80s podcasts over our five years of doing the show. The list is based on your recommendations. But we want your help determining the final ranking. So go ahead and vote and we'll get this wagon rolling again.

[If you feel we've missed a particularly great episode, drop us a comment below.]

Pick the best Stuck in the 80s podcast episode
Which of the following Stuck in the 80s episodes was your favorite?
Deborah Gibson (No. 122)
Breakup podcast (No. 170)
John Hughes (No. 176)
Hair Metal (No. 160)
Miami Vice (No. 38)
Brian Johnson (No. 90)
Mix Tape (No. 28)
AC/DC vs Guns n Roses (No. 31)
Peter Gabriel (No. 189)
Martha Quinn (No. 97)

[Last modified: Thursday, June 17, 2010 11:40am]


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