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Top 5 Christmas movies that are just ho, ho, hooorible



Christmas Vacation movie

Naming the best and worst Christmas movies of the '80s is tricky. For one, there weren't exactly a ton of them to begin with. And so the best and worst lists tend to overlap in odd places. So this year, I let Google help out. After scanning a dozen or so "Worst Christmas Movies of All Time" lists, these five movies came up more often than not.

BTW, if you're wondering what the top vote-getter of all time is, it's 1964's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Couldn't be any worse than Mars Attacks.

Anyway, save your humbugs. Here they are...


5. ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS (1988): Jim Varney, Douglas Seale. "I am one with the Yuletide, know what I mean?"

4. BABES IN TOYLAND (1986): Drew Barrymore, Richard Mulligan. "He's got trolls! Hundreds of trolls, who ate all the cookies!"

3. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (1984): Lilyan Chauvin, Gilmer McCormick. "You see Santa Claus tonight you better run boy, you better run for ya life!"

2. SANTA CLAUS - THE MOVIE (1985): Dudley Moore, John Lithgow. Tagline: "From the team who brought the three Superman blockbusters to the screen comes a story to stir the imagination - and warm the heart."

(1989): Oh stop your howling. I know this is on the very top of many people's lists. Personally, at the very least, I think it's massively overplayed on TV. But here's what MSN said about it: "Chevy Chase was, at one time, funny in movies; even in movies with National Lampoon's Vacation in the title. But by the time the third installment creaked onto the screen, his every move was canned, every joke recycled, every improvisation more stale. Normally, this would be just another lame comedy on cable. But throw in the element of Christmas, and suddenly the filmmakers are allowed to add rank sentimentality to the poo jokes and sophomoric innuendo. After staring down a salesgirl's cleavage and 'rasslin' with the string of lights on top of the house, Chase's Clark Griswold weeps while looking at holiday snapshots and suddenly it's a winter wonderland. The poo jokes are more honest. " 

Ho, ho, hoooooooo.

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