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Top 5 reasons 'Big' had most depressing happy ending ever



Tom Hanks in BigFans of 1988's Big, which (much as I loved Bachelor Party) easily should be considered Tom Hanks' breakout movie, will be shocked to read the latest article on"5 Reasons 'Big' Had The Most Depressing Happy Ending Ever."

Seem far-fetched? No more so than the film's plot itself, I suppose. For example: No 5 ... The adult Josh Baskin is now missing. "When Josh went back to being a kid again, an adult named Josh Baskin dropped off the face of the earth. ...  Didn't somebody go looking for him? There must have been a police investigation."

Umm, okay. To be honest, that was most plausible of Cracked's five reasons. So there you go. Click here to read the full list.

[Last modified: Monday, October 18, 2010 7:26am]


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