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Top 5 reasons to love 'Howard the Duck'



Howard_the_duck_2 Howard the Duck, the 1986 flick by George Lucas, is perhaps the most infamous flop of the '80s. (Worse than Ishtar? Maybe.)

It nearly destroyed the career of everyone involved, particularly actror Lea Thompson, who pretty much ran screaming from Hollywood after this movie came out. (She had to be dragged into doing Some Kind of Wonderful by director/future hubby Howard Deutch.)

Still, it's beloved -- enough -- to force the release of a special edition DVD, which hit store shelves last week. Among the new features: lots of little featurettes and mini-documentaries to chronicle the history of the movie and the comic strip that inspired it.

Lest you think your own secret love of Howard should be kept secret, blogger Christopher Campbell at SpoutBlog has written a brilliant 10-point defense of Howard the Duck. Here's an abbreviated version of the top 5, along with his rationale verbatim. Please visit his excellent blog item for the full, unedited list.


5. JEFFREY JONES IS A GREAT DARK OVERLORD: "Between Howard the Duck and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Jeffrey Jones was one of the biggest and best villains of the summer of ‘86. For kids, anyway."

4. PUNS AND PARALLELS: "For those of us who love corny jokes and puns, the idea of an alternate world where everything’s the same, just with descendants of ducks rather than apes, is a lot of fun."

3. THE DUCK SUIT ISN'T THAT BAD: "Those of us who grew up with Muppets, Chewbacca and other non-computer-generated fantasy creatures had no problem with Howard the Duck's titular fowl being represented as a dwarf in a duck suit."

"Those of us who prefer go-motion and other non-CGI effects work will always pay respect to ILM’s achievements on Howard the Duck, particularly their efforts with the Dark Overlord creature in the movie’s final act."

1. IT'S NO LONGER THE WORST LUCASFILM PRODUCTION: "Take your pick — there's The Phantom Menace or there's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, either of which could certainly take the prize for being the worst movie to come from George Lucas in his 40 years producing films."

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