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Top 5 underrated classics from the '80s

Lullaby Underrated classics from the '80s always fire up a real Stuck in the '80s fan. Today's guest blogger is Crystal Cole, a student at USF St. Petersburg majoring in English. When she's not writing poetry, she moonlights as an expert karaoke singer whenever it's '80s night.

If you're like me, there are a select few (or maybe a whole boatload!) of songs that made you stop and wonder: "Why the heck didn't this tune top the charts?!?" I've channeled my rage into today's top 5 list: an ode to underrated, less-well-known, obscure, and yet bad-ass songs of the '80s.


5. CRY LITTLE SISTER (Gerard McMann): The Lost Boys theme song ... are you kidding me? This tune epitomizes the dark side of the '80s culture. [Listen]

4. ALIVE AND KICKING (Simple Minds): Both musically dynamic and lyrically catchy, this song is a perfect example of radio stations just ignoring a song that should have been a smash hit. [Video]

(Madonna): Ya gotta love Mo's intro as she gives a big shout-out to the James Cagney film by the same name in this "Don't mess with my love" anthem. [Live performance]

2. MYSTIFY (INXS): In my opinion ...THE most underrated song INXS ever released! [Live performance]

1. LULLABY (The Cure): This haunting, yet sensual piece by Robert Smith and the boys is one of my absolute all-time favorite songs! [Video]

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