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Top 5 Van Halen videos



Vanhalen The nearly original lineup of Van Halen hits Tampa's St. Pete Times Forum on Monday, Feb. 18. Have your tickets already? (It's not sold out, strangely enough.)

If you're still sitting on the fence about whether to catch them live, maybe you need a little refresher course in the power of Diamond Dave and the VH boys.

Van Halen isn't a threat to win a video pioneer award during the annual MTV awards, but they had some memorable feats.


5. JUMP: Love the leopard-print jacket, Eddie. Between that and your beloved keyboard, you look like a lounge act. I'm just bitter because this video inspired me to take keyboard lessons (back then, we called them "organ lessons.") Too bad I only learned to play the theme to "Oklahoma!" (Watch it)

4. RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL: Just a straight-forward, lip-synced "stage" performance. But Dave's got his hips swaying wider than three Elvises, and it's always cheesy fun to watch Michael Anthony pick the bass line with his teeth. (Watch it)

The band in all its "1984" glory. Eddie with the sleeveless "dice" shirt, Michael with his Jack Daniels bass. Dave's goof-ball stage persona is really starting to show. "Yeah, we're running a little bit hot tonight..." (Watch it)

2. HOT FOR THE TEACHER: Early MTV at its finest. Kid versions of each band member and teachers throwing off clothing - classic. Basically a porn video for those of us in our formative years. "Sweet, sweet Waldo." I'd like to think Waldo grew up to be an 80s blogger. (Watch it)

1. RIGHT NOW: The only Van Hagar video on the list, but it's the best one. Right now, someone is agreeing with every word I'm writing. Right now, someone is deleting the "Stuck in the 80s" bookmark from their web browser. (Watch it)

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