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Top 80 villains of the '80s: Chet to General Zod



paul_gleason_breakfast_club.jpgPaul Gleason is on today's list of the Top 80 Villains of the '80s twice. In reality, pick any of his '80s flicks and you'd find someone snarling back at you. In playing the hard-handed educator in Breakfast Club, the late Mr. Gleason -- I'd like to think -- was going for something in between villain and hero. A patsy maybe. John Hughes had no problems making the adults the villains in his movies, but even the villains had to have a motive. Rest in peace, Mr. Gleason. We saw your soft side all along.

Today's big winner: Dabney Coleman in Nine to Five. Is it wrong that I secretly cheer for him when I watch this movie?

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TOP 80 VILLAINS OF THE '80s (Nos. 11-20)

20. CHET (Bill Paxton) in Weird Science (1985): "If he pukes, you die."

19. STEFF (James Spader) in Pretty in Pink (1986): "If you want your piece of low-grade ass, fine. Take it, you know. But if you do, you're not going to have a friend."

18. FRANKLIN M. HART JR. (Dabney Coleman) in Nine to Five (1980): "So I have a few faults; who doesn't? Is that any reason to kill me?"

17. WES (Scott Glenn) in Urban Cowboy (1980): "You can't expect a guy like me to be faithful."

16. CLARENCE BEEKS (Paul Gleason) in Trading Places (1983):
"Hey. Back off! I'll rip out your eyes and piss on your brain."

15. KATHARINE PARKER (Sigourney Weaver) in Working Girl (1988): "Why that little... slut! Bitch! Secretary!"

14. THE EMPEROR (Ian McDiarmid) in Return of the Jedi (1983):
"And now, young Skywalker... you will die."

13. RICHARD VERNON (Paul Gleason) in The Breakfast Club (1985): "You're not fooling anyone, Bender. The next screw that falls out will be you."

12. RAVEN SHADDOCK (Willem DaFoe) in Streets of Fire (1984):
"Well, it looks like I finally found someone who likes to play as rough as I do."

11. GENERAL ZOD (Terence Stamp) in Superman II (1980):
"Come to me, Superman! I defy you! Come and kneel before Zod!"

Sneak peak at tomorrow's list:  "Sweep the leg."

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