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Top 80 villains of the '80s: Mama Fratelli to Frank Booth



beetlejuice.pngIs Beetle Juice a villain ... or just a misunderstood comedian? I go back and forth. But once Michael Keaton tries to marry Winona Ryder, well, now he's gone too far. I just feel bad putting .... uh-uh, nobody says the B-word ... right next to Xur on Day 4 of the list of Top 80 Villains of the '80s.

Today's big winner: Richard Tyson in Three O'Clock High. Which is more menacing: His real name -- Richard Tyson!! -- or his character's name ... Buddy Revell? I'm going with Tyson in a knockout.

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TOP 80 VILLAINS OF THE '80s (Nos. 41-50):

50. MAMA FRATELLI (Anne Ramsey) in The Goonies (1985): "Oh, Slothy. I may have been bad. I may have kept you chained up in that room but it was for your own good."

49. JEFFERSON DAVIS "BOSS" HOGG (Sorrell Booke) in The Dukes of Hazzard (1975-1985): "Roscoe, arrest them Duke boys!"

48. SGT. EMIL FOLEY (Louis Gossett Jr.) in An Officer and a Gentleman (1982): "Wave good-bye to your buddies, Mayonnaise! Oh, I forgot. You don't have any buddies, do you? Only customers!"

47. SAM STONE (Danny DeVito) in Ruthless People (1986): "Muffy, meet Adolph. Adolph, EAT MUFFY!"

46. BEETLEJUICE (Michael Keaton in Beetle Juice (1988): "We've come for your daughter, Chuck."

45. XUR (Norman Snow) in The Last Starfighter (1984):
"At last it is done! Soon the Frontier will be down, and the Rylans will bow to their new Emperor. Or I will darken the sky with their ashes."

44. COLE WHITTIER (Robert Prescott) in Bachelor Party (1984): "Rick, I want Debbie. You dump her and I'll give you cash. Ten thousand dollars, plus a G.E. toaster over; a Litton microwave; a Cuisinart; Michelin tires, brand new; a set of Sears' best metric tools..."

43. BRAD WHITEWOOD SR. (Christopher Walken) in At Close Range (1986):
"You scared yet? You oughta be."

42. BUDDY REVELL (Richard Tyson) in Three O'Clock High (1987):
"You and me, we're gonna have a fight. Today. After school. Three o'clock. In the parking lot. You try and run, I'm gonna track you down. You go to a teacher, it's only gonna get worse. You sneak home, I'm gonna be under your bed."

41. FRANK BOOTH (Dennis Hopper) in Blue Velvet (1986):
"Now it's dark..."

Sneak peak at tomorrow's list: "I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy."

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