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Top pop duos: Hall & Oates vs. the '80s



Hall & Oates might have had the hottest touch in the ’80s -- we could start naming all their hits and you'll be humming them all day. But there were a lot of other dude duos from that magic decade.

Here are a few other hitmakers. Tell us if you think any of them deserve to trump our beloved soul rockers from Philly. And feel free to add other duos you think we missed:

Pet shop boys PET SHOP BOYS (Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe): West End Girls, It’s a Sin, Suburbia. These songs ringing any bells? With a new album out, fresh honors bestowed by the Brit music industry and a hysterial name change request from PETA, the Pet Shop Boys are still red hot.

Go-West-Eye-To-Eye-383660 GO WEST (Peter Cox, Richard Drummie) We Close Our Eyes, The King of Wishful Thinking. It took 'til 1990 before Go West scored a big hit in America, but Pete and Rich have been busy cranking out tunes since 1982.

AirSupply-GreatestHits AIR SUPPLY (Graham Russell, Russell Hitchcock) All Out of Love, The One That You Want. Oh, the love/hate/love relationship we all have with our soft Aussie crooners. Just admit that you made out to their music constantly back in the early '80s. You'll feel better.

They_might_be_giants_5_full THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS (John Flansburgh, John Linnell): Ana Ng, Don't Let's Start. Their biggest hits came with 1990's excellent Flood album, but the two Johns had developed a strong cult following dating back to their Brooklyn days in 1982.

Album-Tears-For-Fears-Songs-from-the-Big-Chair TEARS FOR FEARS (Roland Orzabal, Curt Smith) Shout, Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Roland and Curt were once partners with fellow Bath, England, musicians Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher (yes, the Naked Eyes guys) in a band called Neon. Imagine if they'd all stayed together.

Wham-city-make-it-big WHAM! (George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Everything She Wants. Okay, so George gets all the ink these days. But don't feel too bad for Andy. He's doing very well as the husband of Keren Woodward from Bananarama.

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