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Totally Awesome '80s Night ... at Melting Pot?!?




Do U Really Want to Fondue? I'll stop the world, I'll fondue for you?

Tampa Bay area Melting Pot restaurants are holding '80s Night on April 2 for its special Club Fondue preferred diners. For the evening, restaurants will roll back prices to their '80s levels on certain entrees.

Plus, there's the requisite trivia contests. (My suggestions: "What did Rat and Stacy both order for dinner on their first date in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?" or "What is the secret sauce at Bronco Burger?" or even "What's the special pizza topping at Senor Pizza to get Patrick Dempsey's 'services' in Loverboy?") Those dressing up in '80s fashion can compete in a costume contest (with the winner getting a gift certificate).

Contact your nearby Melting Pot to find out how to become a Club Fondue member. Hopefully the requirements are less stringent than becoming a "Hollywood Knight." I can't picture Newbomb Turk as a fondue fan anyway. ("It does have a little wang to it. Good though!")

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:44pm]


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