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Like totally awesome toys from the '80s that disappeared

teddy-ruxpin.jpgA never-ending recession. A never-shrinking waistline. And three straight days of rain in Tampa Bay. What I wouldn't give for a hug from Teddy Ruxpin right about now. Sadly, that furry little storyteller is just one many toys from the '80s that are decaying in landfills these days instead of shining store shelves.

The writers at e-emailed Stuck in the '80s this week to say they've come up with the definitive list of 10 great toys from the '80s that are no longer around for needy children. (Boy, I hope they're wrong on some of these.)

I won't give away their full list -- click here to read it -- but here are three that are worth cherishing.

POUND PUPPIES: "Who could resist the cuddly cuteness of the 1980’s Pound Puppies? Each puppy and purry, the kitten version, came with adoption papers and their own carrying case. Sadly these toys lost popularity in the 1990’s and have disappeared from store shelves."

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: "American Greetings originated this character that developed into a variety of 1980’s toys. My daughter thought anything with Strawberry Shortcake was awesome. Although the TV series was re-launched in 2009, the formerly popular toys are no longer sold."

GLO WORMS: "A combination of soft, snuggly bedtime toy and night light, Glo Worms were the hottest toy of 1982. Other merchandise like story books, night lights and videos followed, but their popularity has since fizzled."

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