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You 80s fans out there seem to have no problem with the lyrics quizzes from this blog and the "Name that 80s Tune" contest from our podcast. (Though two people got it wrong this week). So here's yet another challenge for you. Something to help you stretch your brains on a chilly winter day. (It's warm here in Florida, but we're not going to rub it in.)

Question 1: ABC and NBC engaged in a clash of titans back in 1980, with ABC trying to grab the audience of Saturday Night Live with its own, late-night series. What was the show's name?

Question 2: In the movie Clash of the Titans, what was the name and type of animal that helped Perseus (played by Harry Hamlin)?

Question 3: Harry Hamlin is sometimes mistaken for Peter Gallagher, who appeared in what 1982 film with Daryl Hannah? Also, what Chicago song is played at the end of the movie?

Question 4: What was the original name of the band Chicago?

Question 5: Peter Cetera left Chicago in the mid-80s to pursue a solo career. What's the name of his first hit single?

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