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Genesis_1 Genesis has finally released its North American dates for its much-anticipated reunion tour. All told, the band has 13 dates scheduled, beginning Sept. 7 in Toronto and finishing Oct. 12 in Los Angeles.

For those us of south of the Mason-Dixon line, there's no justice. The furthest south they're going is Washington, D.C. Ouch! My guess is that some additional southern dates will be added eventually.

My friend and colleague Times pop music Sean Daly has composed his dream set list for the Genesis show over at his blog. Check it out.

I've already released my Top 5 favorite Genesis songs (and reasons I get the cold sweats thinking of the band in concert), so I have to get original today.

Top 5 most over-played Genesis songs:
5. That's All: Living with this song is just putting me through it all of the time.
4. Land of Confusion: Did you read the news today? It says this song needs to go away.
3. Abacab: Tell me, do you think I'm to blame? Umm, yep.
2. Illegal Alien: It's not fun listening to Illegal Alien.
1. Invisible Touch: This song takes control of the radio, and slowly tears it apart.

Instead play these 5 songs:
5. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight: "You keep telling me you're gonna help me, you're gonna help me, but you don't."
4. Turn It On Again: "Can I meet you another day and we can fly away."
3. Mama: "I can't see you mama but I know you're always there."
2. No Reply At All: "Be with me. Seems you're never here with me."
1. Man On The Corner: "Like a monkey on your back, you need it."

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