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Two sober loaders -- a good start



For all those out there who don't spend their days off scouring the Internet for 80s news, here's a lunchtime treat for you. The Smoking Gun website has a "Backstage Pass" area that lists the concert riders for hundreds of bands, including a slew from the 80s.

A backstage rider is basically the list of requirements each band has for a given performance. It can include stage, sound and lighting specifications as well as their catering demands. The venue's personnel are charged with the task of meeting the demands.

Here are some odd riders from our favorite 80s acts:

Loverboydressingroom LOVERBOY: The Canadian rockers require the "two sober loaders" to help unload and reload their equipment before and after shows. No interesting catering demands (example: "1 Bic lighter"), which I can personally attest to, since I took an unauthorized visit to the Loverboy dressing room last fall when they visited Tampa Bay as part of the "We Are The 80s" concert series.

NIGHT RANGER: Don't tell me you love tea. These guys apparently do, asking for six bags of Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea. Also, the makings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, lots of Dial soap and cinnamon hazelnut coffee creamer.

Candygummybears02 STYX: Lots of gummy bears, domo arigato. And two pizzas (1 cheese, 1 half pepperoni, half sausage.) And all juices must be sugar free. And for god sake, no Evian water!

U2: Sunday, Bloody Mary Sunday. Please buy them one case of Rolling Rock, four cases of Heineken, some Guinness Stout, a bottle each of tequila, vodka and Jack Daniels. Wait, there's more. Thirteen bottles of wine please. Yep, they're Irish all right. Click for the full list.

PRINCE: I saved him for last because it's EIGHT PAGES LONG. Dig deep and you'll find that Prince prefers yogi cocoa spice tea, hummus, salsa and cranberry juice. And don't forget the jasmine and lavender scented candles.

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