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Two for Tuesday: Which 'Over the Top' anthem is supreme?



Over the Top

Sylvester Stallone, you've made some great movies in your day. The Rocky franchise. The first installment of First Blood. Nighthawks. Is Over the Top one of them? Ummmmm. Probably not. But it's coated in a thick lay of gooey American cheese that makes it very palatable. And the music? Oh, the music! Fromage, fromage, fromage! (Again, in a good way!)

So welcome to the first installment of "Two for Tuesday," in which we sportingly try to decide which song reigns supreme. Today's battle features two anthems from 1987's Over the Top: Kenny Loggins' Meet Me Halfway vs. Sammy Hagar's Winner Takes it All.

Well done, Kenny! You sing the HELL out of that song. And you basically ruled movie soundtracks in the '80s, so you're the natural favorite. Only one other song from this particular movie stands a chance...

Wow, the Red Rocker must be taken as a serious contender. But does he win or lose points for having to work the movie's title into the song lyrics?

So who wins today's Two for Tuesday battle: Kenny or Sammy?

[Last modified: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 9:46am]


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