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Ultimate '80s Halloween costume challenge: Can anyone top 'Weekend at Bernie's'?



Stephanie Hayes explains the Weekend at Bernie's costume:

"The idea happened one night, as great costume ideas always do, while we were drinking wine and watching movies. There was nothing on, so we found Weekend at Bernie's on demand, which seemed like a great idea when wine was involved. During some scene, Jim was like, 'Hey, they kind of look like us...' And that was that."

"I found a Mitt Romney mask on clearance at the party store, and added the sunglasses and mustache. We went shopping at TJ Maxx for the clothes, Bernie's and ours. Jim found some YouTube videos about how to make a lifesize stunt dummy out of duct tape. Jim put on some old clothes and I wrapped him completely in duct tape, then cut the tape and old clothes off his body. I also cut into his leg by accident. (sorry!). Then we stuffed the mold with newspapers and taped the cuts back up. It made it solid and heavy like a real body so it dragged on the ground just like Bernie in the movie."

According to Jim: "We also created a 'bone and joint structure' by using a combination of paper rolls and different placement of thinner layers of duct tape to create more realistic body movement." (Here's the YouTube video they used as a guide.)

"It was a lot of work, but it was so much fun to do it together, and we had the best reactions from everyone we saw. Before the Halloween party, we stopped at a bar and left Bernie sitting strapped into the front seat. We could see people on the street mouthing, 'Oh my God, it's Bernie' "

"Jim brought Bernie to his office, where he now sits in empty conference rooms and various desk chairs when people go on vacation."

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