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Ultimate list of meanest girls in high school movies? Not even close in the '80s



heathers.gifIt must be list season on the Internet. Yesterday it was the 20 worst bands of all time. Today it's the 25 meanest high school girls in the movies, according to a new list by Den of Geek.

Of course, some of those girls we loved to hate in the '80s made the list. And by some, I mean only two. TWO GIRLS?!? I can name more mean girls than that in just one John Hughes movie. And granted, the meanest of the mean girl movies didn't come along until the '90s, so says Den of Geek, but they gave plenty of love to Carrie and Grease, so frankly I don't get it.

Here are the meanest girls in '80s movies, AS LISTED by Den of Geek. I've included a Den of Geek quote with each, along with their ranking in the list of 25 and my reaction.


16. HEATHER CHANDLER (Heathers): " The film made Winona Ryder a star, but it was the manipulative and troubled leader of the group, portrayed by Kim Walker, who created the definitive mean girl of the genre."
My take: Oh, Heather is evil to the bone. In fact, too evil to be this low on their list.

5. AMBER VON TUSSLE (Hairspray): "The bratty, racist dance queen knocked off her pedestal by chubby Tracy Turnblad (Ricky Lake) in John Waters’ 1988 Hairspray (and a 2007 remake which we have to admit never having bothered with), Amber Von Tussle (Colleen Fitzpatrick) is one of the meanest girls on screen."
My take: Ummm, sure. I watched this movie once. Ever. Den of Geek, I'm pretty disappointed.

Here are five more "mean girls" from the '80s off the top of my head:

5. BENNY (Pretty in Pink): Kate Vernon (along with Gina Gershon) was the worst in a sea of despicable girls at Andie's high school.

4. SHAYNE (Some Kind of Wonderful): Ugh. I can't even see Molly Hagan's smirk without thinking of the way she turned on Lea Thompson in this movie. At least she falls for one of the head-bangers at the end.

3. CAROLINE MULFORD (Sixteen Candles): Better known as Jake Ryan's girlfriend, at least until the final scene. And no, she doesn't really redeem herself by sleeping with Farmer Ted. (Easily one of the lamer plot points in an otherwise classic flick.)

2. BETH (Better Off Dead): Lane, she did you favor by dumping you. But it's the WAY she did it that makes her a villain. It's so ironic that it's Monique, played by Diane Franklin, who saves you when it's the same actress who also tops our list as ...

1. KAREN (Last American Virgin): Poor Gary, you didn't stand a chance agains the motherload of meanness. The ultimate screw-over. And frankly the one person responsible for the saddest ending EVER in any '80s movie. "I did my best ... but I guess my best wasn't good enough ...."

Who else are we forgetting?

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