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Under a blood red sky, our Colorado fans demand own podcast



Chase Squires on the Four CornersAfter bashing Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island and probably a half dozen other states in our latest podcast, I was waiting patiently for feedback and outrage from our fans in Colorado. Where, oh where, is Stuck in the '80s Denver correspondent Chase Squires? Three ... two ... one ...

Dear Steve Spears and Stuck in the '80s. You can whup up on Wyoming all you want, I'm not even sure it's still a state. And you can express your ignorance on the Four Corners (New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and that other one, see attached photo from last summer's road trip.)

But buster, when you sully the Centennial State, when you mock the mighty Rocky Mountains, the state that brought you Red Dawn, the Kamp Komfort scene from Vacation, and the epic U2 performance at Red Rocks captured in Under a Blood Red Sky ... When you make light of the legacy of John Elway, Jello Biafra, Laurie Anderson, the Mile High City and its founder Sir John Denver ... well, they you've just gone too far.

I hope you and your hippie vegan co-host Daly choke on that delicious buffalo jerky I sent you. But if you do choke, you should know that the good people of Colorado (state motto: "It's hip to be square") are so welcoming and good and honest and pure that they would probably call 911 and share a doobie with you while you're waiting for an ambulance.

Mile High Salute,
Chase Squires

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