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'URGH! A Music War' finally released on DVD



URGH Big news, '80s fans. URGH! A Music War is now on DVD. Stuck in the '80s music correspondent Douglas Arthur has the scoop in today's guest blog item.

One of the greatest concert films of all time has finally made its debut on the DVD format. Long considered the "Holy Grail" of concert films by music fans and collectors, URGH! was released by Warner Archives on Aug 4.

This was filmed in 1980 and released to theaters in 1981, then relentlessly screened on USA Night Flight for several years to build its cult following.

What makes this film so powerful is that it captures the nascent New Wave and Post-Punk movements right at the beginning and the height of their powers. The setl ist for this film is wide-ranging and reads like a Who's Who, as well as in some cases, "who the ---?"

But all the music is great and the performances pop like corn in hot oil. In this film you will see performances by The Police, Devo, Oingo Boingo, Wall Of Voodoo, UB40, Steel Pulse, OMD, Gary Numan, Gang Of Four, Pere Ubu, Joan Jett, Dead Kennedys, The Go-Go's, Echo And the Bunnymen, XTC, Magazine, Skafish, X, The Cramps, and dozens more. This is a true time capsule set at the beginning of our favorite decade. A must-have for any serious 80's music fan!

I just received my copy the other day and I have already viewed it twice, and I can tell you that after watching a well-worn VHS copy for years, the DVD is a revelation. The images are sharp and clear and the sound is fantastic ... and the film is presented in widescreen! The only extra is the original trailer, but that is an earmark of Warner Archives ethos for releases.

Warner Brothers recently launched Warner Archives with the intention of releasing "on demand" all of the films in their extensive library. There are close to 300 already available, and most retail for $19.99 which is a pretty good price for what is essentially the studio burning you a personal copy of their film.

Just looking at some of the other films released, there are a couple of other 80's "forgotten" films available in this format including Wisdom and Mike's Murder. I can only hope that someday a widescreen release of True Stories is on the way so I can finally lay to rest the crappy "pan & scan" fullscreen copy that was released 10 years ago and promptly went out of print.

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