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'V' invades prime time TV again!



V_l Can TV get any better for '80s fans? First a new Knight Rider returns and now this: The sci-fi series V is set to be remade and return to television as a miniseries and TV spinoff.

ABC is remaking the 1980s story about alien lizards "visiting" Earth, according to The new series will be written by The 4400 co-creator Scott Peters.

"Whenever I mention V to anybody, they still have a lot of good memories about the original movie and series," Peters told the trade journal. "Everybody has that imagery of their uniforms, or the visitor eating a hamster. It’s a science fiction icon and too good to pass up."

V_show The original 1983 miniseries was a ratings triumph, sparking a sequel and a weekly TV series during the 1984-85 season. Original writer-producer-director Kenneth Johnson had been trying to find buyers for "V: The Second Generation," according to Variety, but he's not listed among those involved with the ABC version.

The new miniseries will revolve around a Homeland Security agent whose wayward son is attracted to the aliens upon their arrival, though more side plots are expected along the way.

[Photos from original V series]

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