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Valley Girl earworm (and Debbie Foreman chat): Plimsoul's 'Zero Hour'

Here's the latest tune from the Valley Girl soundtrack that has been swimming around my head. Find out why below.

The Plimsouls' Zero Hour is one of the last songs played in the 1983 movie, right before Nic Cage and Deborah Foreman go racing off in a limo after Randy crashes Julie's junior prom.

Deborah foreman Wait, did I say Deborah Foreman? Turns out I had a nice chat with her again yesterday on Facebook after I found she had re-posted our interview from last year as motivation to several of her friends who have just gone through break-ups. Here's an edited transcript:

Spearsy: "Hey, thanks for remembering our time together and posting the podcast audio again. You helped me more than I can ever convey."

Deborah: "hi Steve ... how are you??? I have been posting recently because I am hearing so many people are being left with big smiles on their faces ... we ROCKED!!

Spearsy: "Every fan of our podcast says our chat was their favorite episode. People still ask if I ever came to L.A. for that yoga session."

Deborah: "and you say, 'No, cuz I am a chicken.' Right????"

Spearsy: "No, I think I tell them no because I'll stutter and stammer like a lovesick fanboy if I met you in person!"

Deborah: "Oh my goodness ... I will kick yer butt so bad that you will not have thoughts like that ... you will be panting and groaning cuz the workout is fierce ... out the door to an event ... later, chicken boy!"

Wow, being called "Chicken Boy" never felt so good.(Ummm, that's the name of a yoga position, right?) Guess I need to double my workouts, buy a pilates tape and a plane ticket in the near future.

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