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Van Halen's M&M fetish is confirmed!



Van_halen_3 Remember the urban legend about how hard-rocking Van Halen demanded all brown M&Ms be removed from their backstage spreads during the '80s? Well, some 25 years later, it's finally confirmed.

The Smoking Gun, which admits to having searched for verification for 10 years now, finally got its hands on a Van Halen backstage rider from 1982. Sure enough, there's a "no brown M&M" clause in there. Click here to see the full document.

Among the other interesting demands:

  • The band specified exactly which vegetables it wanted any given day. Brussels sprouts and spinach on even days; peas and green beans on odd days.
  • Plenty of Tab diet cola and lime-flavored Gatorade.
  • As for alcohol: Schlitz Malt Liquor, Jack Daniels bourbon, Stolichnaya vodka and Blue Nun white wine.
  • Even more bizarre: Herring in sour cream for deli trays ... and one large tub of KY jelly.

If you haven't checked out TSG's full list of riders from '80s artists, you're missing out. They ones for Men At Work (no Vegemite!), Billy Idol (he likes I Can't Believe It's Not Butter), U2 (Rolling Rock in bottles only), Def Leppard (no eggs!),   Billy Joel (no recliners) and more.

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