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Vegas is Stuck in the 80s



Greetings, everyone, from Las Vegas, where we're a mere 6 hours away from The Regeneration Tour tonight at Planet Hollywood.

Picture_1 Sorry for the infrequent posts. But my roommate dropped acid, and my laptop was hijacked by a busload of penguins, so it's sort of a family crisis. Sorry, Johnny.

Last night, we caught Morris Day and The Time at the Flamingo. Un-freakin-believable. Seriously. The crowd was dotted with celebrities including Boston Celtic super Kevin Garnett, radio's Tom Joyner and soul-singer Teena Marie.

Morris and the band were super-tight. He saved "The Bird" as the set finale and came back for "Jungle Love" as the sole encore. Everyone at our table sat around with goofy grins on our faces the entire show. It took hours for the euphoria to fade.

Latest rumor: We think Phil Oakey from The Human League is staying here at the Luxor. That's Tonianne's theory since his iTunes network is showing up on her laptop. She's busily trying to hack into it to see what he's listening to.

Meanwhile, Motley Crue was also in town last night, playing Mandalay Bay. The requisite crowd of hungover headbangers are slowing making their way out of town now.

Best zen moment of the trip so far: Hearing "Don't Stop Believing" on the cab ride to the Famingo for The Time show, followed by "Our Lips Are Sealed."


5. "I missed Kevin Garnett? Shut. Up."

4. "What time is it? 8 a.m.? OK, we can start drinking."

3. "Look for the adam's apple."

2. "Is there a group discount for lap dances?"

1. "When Steve says something potentially offensive, he's like a little puppy making a mistake on the floor. You just can't get mad at him."

Stay tuned for more updates later today or tomorrow!

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