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VJ's mix setlist from Father Paul



Inquis1 Even our "Stuck in the Clergy" fans have suggestions for VJ's Setlist. Here's an e-mail from Father Paul (photo right), who has one hand on the Bible and the other on a Duran Duran fanzine up in Minnesota:

Greetings again from the state whose football team can never win in Tampa Bay! I enjoyed the kid’s letter about wanting a mix tape. Were I to send a mix tape now to a woman, it would be creepy, I would likely lose my job being I'm a priest, face a rather large lawsuit, and cause a public scandal, so I won’t be doing that ever again. However, being stuck in the '80s, there are many perfect ones for a mix tape, so here are my suggestions:

  • Rock and Roll Heart by Eric Clapton. It's off his Money and Cigarettes album from I think 1980, and is a nice tune.
  • In Too Deep by Genesis. I had the Invisible Touch cassette tape and when my friend and girlfriend were in the car circa '97 he requested I play this. It's on my iPod too, and is a really great song. One of the few I think that has nothing to do with Phil Collins failed marriage.
  • Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins.
  • No One Is To Blame by Howard Jones.
  • True by Spandau Ballet. (Sorry Sean, I don't think it's horrible. My friend claims it is about drugs, 'thrill in my hand, pill on my tongue' ... Hmm, could this be true?)
  • Invisible Touch by Genesis. Quite appropriate, though he presumably does know her name.
  • She's Got a Way by Billy Joel. Yes, it is from 1971, but it was apparently released as a single in 1982. I’m not an expert, I just have access to Wikipedia.
  • Lady In Red by Chris DeBurgh. This one was of course playing at the prom I took a girl to. Heartbreaking at the time, but people move on. Nice song.
  • HelloLionel Richie. "Tell me how to win your heart, for I haven't got a clue." Seems appropriate.
  • Red Red Wine by UB40. Josh played it in an episode of The West Wing, one of my favorite shows, and played it for a woman he liked.
  • Every Little Thing She DoesThe Police
  • Something About YouLevel 42 (per your suggestion).
  • I Got My Mind Set On YouGeorge Harrison.
  • Just Like Heaven - The Cure
  • Forever YoungAlphaville. Napoleon Dynamite. Need I say more?
  • Don't Dream It's OverCrowded House.
  • Lost In EmotionLisa Lisa and Cult Jam
  • Don’t Stop BelievingJourney. I told you a couple used it at our wedding, so why not on the tape? Great tune.

Hope it works out for him. Though as a priest, I'd remind him to take it slow, and heed the words of Jermaine Stewart: "We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time."

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