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Wake me up before you blow-blow: Pick the horrible hits of 1985



WhamWe're treading on sacred ground. Music in 1985 was probably reaching its pinnacle in the decade. After this particular year, all we had to look forward to was five years of watered down dance pop.

So it's with a required amount of trepidation that we embark on today's challenge: Name the Horrible Hits of 1985. You know the drill by now. We'll eventually be picking 10 songs that were actually hits in 1985, but which make our skin crawl now (and maybe even then).

 Stuck in the '80s will podcast the final Top 10 list, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun in the meantime. Add your nominated songs below in the comments area. If you need a cheat sheet, click here to see the top 100 songs of 1985.

Here are five that would be on my personal list.

THE WILD BOYS (Duran Duran): The love the clean-cut, lady-magnets from Britain. But this song, released as a single, I think, on their live Arena album, is just painful. I'm betting Simon stays far away from it now in concert.

SOME LIKE IT HOT (Power Station): I feel like I'm beating up again on Duran Duran, but there was plenty not to like with this '80s supergroup. Nothing got me off the dance floor and away from the music faster than this tune.

SEA OF LOVE (Honeydrippers): As a devoted '80s fan, I can admit this without shame: I never understood the appeal of Robert Plant or Led Zeppelin. And alas, no supergroup's cover of a song that our parents danced to can change my mind.

SMOOTH OPERATOR (Sade): I may have enjoyed this the first 100,000 times I heard it on the radio. Sadly, it only took a week to surpass that volume.

WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO (Wham!): Yep, was there any doubt you'd find this song on the list? Please tell me nobody has this on their iPods.

Okay, your turn. What songs belong on our list of horrible hits of 1985?

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