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'Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps' trailer is out ... and it's a mixed bag



Money never sleeps douglas labeouf
Oliver Stone
's sequel to his '80s masterpiece (no, not Platoon) looks pretty good, at least after seeing the first trailer. Has it really been 23 years since Wall Street? Money doesn't sleep, but it sure goes into a hell of a hibernation.

Things to chuckle at: The whole Blues Brothers and '80s homage during Gordon Gekko's release from prison. And the way Michael Douglas effortlessly slips back into his signature role.

Things to wince at: That annoying musical score in the background. And I'm sorry, but am I only person on the planet who doesn't quite get the adoration of Shia LaBeouf? In the sense that he represents the current weasels on Wall Street, I guess he fits the part though. But he makes you yearn for the acting skills of Charlie Sheen, and that should say enough.

Money Never Sleeps is set for an April 23 release.

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