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Chase Stuck in the '80s correspondent and former co-host Chase Squires has a couple of cool ideas for the SIT80s Nation. Here's his latest dispatch:

"Hey Steve and Sean, great podcast on Andy Taylor. I've never liked Duran Duran, skipped a chance to see them back in high school when they were hot, I just don't like their music. But your interview was great, despite Sean. (Just kidding, Sean's great, we love him, now man up and marry the Forever Fiancee once and for all.) When Andy admitted he didn't know what half the songs were about, I laughed out loud, which was tough because I was running up a mountain at the time."

"Anyway, first, you must send a message to Denver listener Gabrielle, we'll have to meet up. Me and my wife, we'll call her 'Saralee,' are going to see a Denver band, Dressy Bessy, at the Bluebird on the 18th, here in Denver. Tell Gabrielle and anyone else from the Mile High City to go to the show."

"I bring this up because, one, it would be fun to start up a Stuck in the '80s chapter in every cool city, which would start with Denver. It's just a freak of nature that Stuck in the '80s started in St. Petersburg, the uncoolest city on the planet, located so close to that hillbilly metropolis known as Tampa."

"And second, because Dressy Bessy is, I swear, an '80s band. They just never played in the '80s, nor was anyone in the band old enough to play in the '80s. They are a current band (yes, Sean, new bands are formed every day, music didn't end with Mellencamp and Dylan) ... But they have a real '80s sound. Lead singer Tammy Ealom at times seems to channel the late Patty Donahue from the Waitresses, she's flirty and fun and just a little cynical, everything you want from the greatest decade ever. Besides all that, tickets are just $10 and the Bluebird is a great little joint - you can get right up to the stage."

"You check them out at their myspace page."

"Say, it would be interesting if others knew of new bands that carry that '80s vibe in other cities. What am I missing out there? It's cool to see these new acts because they don't screw you with the ticket prices, like, say ... AC/DC. Angus, you forgot about the people, man."

"By the way, our cat's name is Dingus. That's kind of like Angus."

"Cheers, Chase"

(Find Chase's excellent blog here.)

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:39pm]


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