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Warning: This list will depress you



Prince_purplerain Time for us to come up with a new list: the most depressing songs of the 80s.

There are so many to choose from that it will actually be EXCITING if we can pare this list down to a paltry 25 or so tunes.

As always, the Stuck in the 80s lists count on reader participation. So drop us a comment with your favorite depressing song of the 80s. While you mull it over, here are some to consider.

Purple Rain (Prince): He sobs like a baby while singing this in the movie's finale (and then kisses Wendy ... or is it Lisa?). Glad someone knows what the song is about.

Blasphemous Rumors (Depeche Mode): A real contender for the top spot on the list. Possibly the most depressing song of all time. (Either this or "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" ... just kidding.) [Live on German TV]

Against All Odds (Phil Collins):
What's more depressing -- the song ... or the really bad movie that it goes with? (And is this the most depressing Collins song. Because I'm thinking maybe "Separate Lives" is sadder.) [Live video]

Drive (The Cars): Saddest ... music ... video ... ever. [Video]

Just Once (James Ingram):
I know I bring up this song a lot, but it's permanently logged in my subconscious -- sorta like those 200 pizzas from college are still logged in my arteries. [Listen]

Laura (Christopher Cross): Not a song about Luke and Laura from "General Hospital," Cross says, but about a friend who died in a random shooting. [Live video]

Dear God (XTC): The lyrics are depressing enough, but with the opening and closing verses sung by an 8-year-old? Ouch. [Video]

Missing You (John Waite): Not a love song, as Waite told Stuck in the 80s, but a song about two people who can't live with each other but can't be happy apart. [And which version is sadder: the 1984 version or the duet with Alison Krauss?]

So go ahead and give us as many entries to the list as you want. Be sure to let us know if you think any deserve the top spot. And then get your prescriptions filled for happy pills before reading the final list sometime in the future.

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