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Watch the new Conan the Barbarian remake trailer (Spoiler: It looks AWFUL)

conan-the-barbarian-2011.jpgConan, what is best in life? "To crush the Hollywood studios, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the '80s fans."

I caught the new trailer for the Conan the Barbarian remake over the weekend. The entire time it was playing, I had zero idea it was Conan. Not a good start. Toward the end, the thoughts began entering my head, "Hell, could this be the new Conan? Is this the first trailer? Why in the world did I pay $10 to see Pirates of the Caribbean when I could be home watching watching Revenge of the Nerds again?" ("Nerds saw me naked!")

From what I can tell, it borrows none of the plot of the vastly superior original film. How can I know the original was better? Seriously. When was the last remake was better than the original? Heaven Can Wait in 1978? ("We don't care how much it costs, just how much it makes. If it costs too much, we charge a penny more. Would you pay more to save a fish who thinks?")

Plus, this version stars Jason Momoa as Conan and Rose McGowan as Marique. Case closed.

Click here to see the official trailer on Youtube. But you'll be sorry!

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