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Wax ... off: The rejected '80s movie list




It's no surprise that I have an extensive library of '80s movies of DVD here in the Spears Lair. Snapping up old movies at Target, Best Buy and the like is a sickness to me. But here's the really bad part: I can't get any of my friends -- Vegas Girlfriend included -- to watch many of them with me.

Here then is the official list of ...


SUMMER LOVERS (1984): Okay, it's a little creepy to watch this movie of vacationing lovers in Greece with Sean Daly, but why won't VGF watch it? "I'm not in a lesbian kind of mood right now -- maybe later," she says.

JUST ONE OF THE GUYS (1985): Who doesn't love a little gender bending? But star Joyce Hyser has a voice deeper than 90 percent of my male friends, so that probably explains it.

FLETCH (1985): This one baffles me. Great lines -- "It's all ball-bearings these days!" The ultimate guy's movie. "It's a boy movie. I've never met a woman who liked it," VGF explains.

The troika of flicks that can't quite be called "chick flicks" and can't be called "guy flicks." Nobody wants to claim that they've watched these movies, yet they're icons of the '80s. Poor Daniel-san. He deserves better.

(1985): Our official theory is this: We've seen this one way too much. There's nothing left to discover. This mine has been stripped bare and needs to sit in a DVD cocoon for 10 years and then ... maybe.

VICTORY: Ah, my beloved Max von Sydow (never a bad movie ... ever!). What's not to like about a movie with soccer-loving Allied POWs in World World II? Plus, it's quite possibly the only Sly Stallone movie that's watchable post Rocky 3. Okay, VGF ... explain away. She offers none, except staring blankly at me.

Help me out, gang. What fave '80s movies do you own that nobody wants to watch?

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