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Showtime_1 Our podcast chronicling our trip to the We Are the 80s concert last night in Clearwater, Fla. -- featuring an exclusive interview with Rick Springfield -- is now online. Click here to listen or click here to subscribe to the series for free on iTunes.

We started recording our show on the way to the concert, kept talking from our dressing room, from our seats, saving our comments about the show, interviewing fans and -- of course -- interviewing the bands that played, including Rick Springfield.

Some highlights from this week's show:
Sean -- Times pop critic Sean Daly shares his embarrassing story about his first-ever concert back in Hersey, Pa.
-- In a phone interview before the day of the show, Patty Smyth tells us why she passed on the opportunity to join Van Halen, why the 80s still rule, and why hubby John McEnroe is the greatest guy in the world (thus crushing my aspirations to steal her away).
Jill -- Our host at Ruth Eckerd Hall was Jill Holcombe, who kept the musicians streaming in and out of our dressing room all night. Without her, we'd have been lost. Plus, she kept giving us water and scores from the Gator game.
Eddie1_1 -- We sneak into Eddie Money's dressing room, and are shocked to find he only wants Wonder Bread, beef jerky and mustard to eat before the show.
-- A Springfield fan tells us she met Rick on her honeymoon back in 1984 -- and would have left her husband in a second if the Rickster had asked.
-- Loverboy visits with us in our dressing room. The rocking Canadians are real down-to-earth and we talked music and touring.
-- Right as the Loverboy boys sit down, Rick Springfield walked into our room. We freaked, not knowing what to do. So we asked Rick to come back in 10 minutes. We were shocked he didn't just blow us off.

Ricktalks_1 -- As promised, Rick Springfield sat down with us and answered questions for 20 minutes. Wearing a gray t-shirt with a bunny and the words "I (heart) everyone," Rick was attentive and provided some GREAT answers to our questions. When it came time to get a photo with our hero, co-host Cathy Wos jumped inbetween Rick and Sean to get a closer snuggle of her heartthrob.

This podcast is a must-listen.

Our between-the-acts comments from our seats are amusing too. But if you want a little more detail about the actual music, here you go.

A quick of review of the night

Here's a quick rundown of the acts from last night's show:

Scandal: Patty Smyth and Scandal took the crowd by surprise with their set, wowing everyone with her strong vocals and their tight playing. The concert hall exploded with their signature tune The Warrior. She and the band stuck around afterward to sign autographs and mug for photos with fans in the concourse.

Loverboy: Someone on the sound board cranked the volume to 11 for the Loverboy set . So when vocalist Mike Reno hit the high notes -- and he does that quite well, thank you -- you get the feeling your brain is about to explode. They squeezed as many of their hits as possible into their 45 minutes. The highlight was "Working for the Weekend" -- the end-of-the-workweek anthem for the last 25 years. But it still sounded fantastic. That song was meant to be played live.

Eddie2 Eddie Money: Most of the time Eddie was on stage, the Stuck in the 80s gang was backstage interviewing Loverboy and Rick Springfield, so we caught his act over the music feed into our dressing room. I feel bad about that, but that's how things work out. He sounded great though and he was able to get all his hits into his show along with some covers of some oldies before his time. (By the way, his dressing room door had his real name -- Edward Mahoney --- on it, along with a photo that has to be from a high school yearbook.)

Rick Springfield: If you were in doubt who the show headliner was, it was erased here. Dressed in a black, sleeveless tux shirt, Rick hit the stage fast and furious. He got around to almost all his hits -- and a few newer songs for the fans -- singing half the songs from audience. Sipping red wine and hot tea (he had a cold that night), he told the fans he was looped on cough syrup and just wanted to have some fun. Mission accomplished.

For the full review of the show, along with interviews with the stars, download our podcast.

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