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We cried more, more, more...

Idol Don't make that face, William. We're just glad to see you!

Billy Idol is back -- at least with a compilation CD/DVD.

"The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself" is set for release June 24 and will include two new songs "John Wayne" and "New Future Weapon."

Longtime partner and guitarist Steve Stevens and songwriting collaborator Brian Tichy are back on board for "Idolize Yourself" as well, which is good news for Billy's fans from the 80s.

The combination CD/DVD also has 18 other tracks from his career. The DVD adds 13 music videos, including two alternate video edits previously unreleased.


5. BABY TALK: "Don't stop, the blood rock"

4. (DO NOT) STAND IN THE SHADOWS: "We'll cut our cards, drive out bars. All for one, one for all"

3. THE DEAD NEXT DOOR: "One error, silent terror. And we're the dead next door."

2. BLUE HIGHWAY: "Yes there's a time ... a time for love."

1. UNTOUCHABLES: "We laughed and cried, split our sides."

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