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We need ya, Decks: Harrison Ford in talks for 'Blade Runner' sequel? Depends who you ask




"I need ya, Decks. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old blade runner, I need your magic." Hell, we could all use a little Blade Runner magic these days. Have you seen Hollywood's record with remakes and sequels lately? It's enough to make me go all Roy Batty on them. (Time to die!)

Thankfully, is reporting that Harrison Ford "has entered into early talks to join the new Blade Runner."

"While this is still very early stages and it is quite possible that things won't work out the obvious implication is that what we are looking at is not a reboot but a direct sequel to the original," the site reports.

Of course, another source says it's all hogwash. "It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in Blade Runner," Andrew Kosove, one of the money men behind the project, told Of course, the door's not exactly closed. Asked if Ford's name could resurface for Blade Runner, Kosove said, "In advance of knowing what we’re going to do, I supposed you could say yes, he could. But I think it is quite unlikely."

If you'll recall, back in spring 2011, the word was that director Ridley Scott was considering a prequel or straight remake of his 1982 masterpiece. But then he got distracted with making Prometheus, believed to be the prequel to Alien, and everything else was on hold.

Will anyone buy a ticket to a watch a 69-year-old Ford return as a Blade Runner? It didn't work out so well for the Indiana Jones series. And remember, Sean Young was 20 years more sane back in 1982. Rutger Hauer, now a spry 68, is *presumed* dead after the original, but it'd be criminal not to give him some screen time in a sequel.

So many questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates?


5. "All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got?"

4. "Can the maker repair what he makes?"

3. "Is this testing whether I'm a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?"

2. "Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?"

1. "It's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does?"

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