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Wear your 80s addiction with pride



Chrisknighttoxicwaste When it comes to movie worship, everyone takes second place to the cast of Stuck in the 80s. Or so I thought.

Remember all those cool t-shirts you see actors wearing in your favorite 80s movies? The "I (heart) Toxic Waste" shirt that Val Kilmer wears in Real Genius. The Bushwood Country Club shirt the caddies sport in Caddyshack. The so-cool "Senor Pizza" shirt that Patrick Dempsey wears in Loverboy.

All those and more are now for sale online from a website called The company has been around for about two years, according to Adam Peter, who started the website in Portland, Oregon.

"I got the idea during a late night screening of Real Genius," Peter said. "I'd had seen the movie a bunch of times, but for whatever reason, after that viewing I really, really wanted an I Love Toxic Waste t-shirt.  I figured that I could go home that night do a quick search on Google and eBay and find one, but I had no such luck."

Randyloverboycostume3 After designing and producing the shirts, Peter sold a small run of 25 shirts from the movie -- enough to recoup his initial investment. Then customers started asking for shirts from other 80s classics. Another cool online venture was born.

"It's been a lot of fun so far," Peter said.  "I've gotten a lot of great feedback from happy customers that appreciate the amount of detail and accuracy of our designs, and it's also a great excuse to watch lots of 80's movies."

(You need an excuse?)

Other shirts worn in movies you'll find at Spinal Tap, Teen Wolf, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Tron, Beverly Hills Cop and more. There are shirts from movies outside the 80s too, including The Big Lebowski and Slap Shot.

And they've even got a page of 80s costume ideas -- something I'm asked about all the time here.

In addition, Stuck in the 80s is giving away five t-shirts from on our podcast. So check out the "Name that 80s tune" challenge in each of the next five episodes, beginning with the Kevin Cronin interview, for your chance to win.

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