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Ferris Hey gang. Now that the holiday weekend is over, how about helping out SIT80s fan Jeremy with his humble request:

Steve, I wanted to compile a list of musical movie moments (or television moments from '80s television shows available on DVD) for an '80s Christmas party. For example the Tom Cruise dancing scene in Risky Business, "Banana Boat" from Beetlejuice, "She's Lost That Lovin' Feelin" from Top Gun, or "You're the Best Around" from the finale of Karate Kid. I know your readers and listeners are a wealth of '80s knowledge and wonder if they may be able to help compile a list of these great moments from '80s television and film. Thanks! Jeremy

Okay, here are a few more for Jeremy...

TWIST AND SHOUT (Ferris Bueller): Perhaps the crowning music-movie moment of all time. (Watch)

TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS (Duckie in Pretty in Pink): Jon Cryer, renaissance man. (Watch)

SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER (Ray Charles in The Blues Brothers): Heck, anything from that movie works, but Ray rules. (Watch)

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN (The Bus Boys in 48 Hours): Why don't we talk about this movie more often? (Listen)

(Eddie Murphy as Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America): Still Eddie's best movie of the '80s. (Watch)

WALTZ OF THE FLOWERS (Caddyshack): Ah yes, don't forget the water ballet scene at Bushwood Country Club.

TV PARTY (Repo Man): The vastly underrated Black Flag ... or Otto's version. You pick.

TEQUILA (Pee Wee's Big Adventure): Paul Reubens, come back soon! (Watch)

Keep them coming, gang.

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