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Weekend lyrics challenge



Welcome to your weekly 80s music lyrics challenge. Last week's challenge was possibly too easy, though the Martin Briley tune "Salt in my Tears" line had to be uncovered by a contestant using Google. I've added some hints since this week's episode seems to be tougher than most.

1. "My father said 'don't worry, son.' But look at him, he should have run." (Hint: from Nicolas Cage's first big movie)
2. "I only like dreaming. All the day long." (Hint: Think down under)
3. "We spoke of wintertime in France. Minutes passed with shallow words."
4. "I see his face . The lord won’t mind." (Hint: Don't let this one slip away)
5. "I spray clandestine night subway. I cover red purple on top of grey." (Hint: Red and purple really clash)

Click here to try last week's challenge. Want another brain-squeezer? Add to our ongoing list of goofy band names from the 80s. Or download this week's Stuck in the 80s podcast for our Name that 80s Tune contest. Name the song and artist for a chance to win a too-cool TBT baseball cap.

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And while you mull those over, here's a story about some really obscure music. Eons ago, I played drums in a band called Epic Trash here in Tampa Bay, Florida. (The name came from a two-word movie review of a Schwarzenegger or Stallone flick from the St. Pete Times.) We started out as a small punk outfit in the mid 80s covering Dead Kennedys tunes. But we managed to evolve and carve a niche as one of the local founders of "goof rock" -- serious sounding music with really goofball lyrics. Think Young Fresh Fellows or Dead Milkmen. We played gigs locally and even managed to squeeze out a few singles on compilation albums. (Our logo seen above was penned by our lead guitarist during economics class in high school, back when we merely daydreamed about being in a band to help stay awake.)

Trashers: Clay Wiedemann, Dave Krouk, Steve Spears, circa 1988.

Well, like skinny ties and big hair, the band didn't survive the 80s. To make a long story short, we recently uncovered a few web pages around (here, here, and here) that reference our band and indicate some of our songs were popular elsewhere. Amazing. So if you ever bump into a record called "Spontaneous Consumer Frenzy" by Pop Records, buy it! (It was recently featured on a German website for $5.24, which might have been more money than it originally sold for.) We won't make any money from it. But you'll love listening to our songs "Michael Jackson's Zoo" and "Dionysus, Party God." (And no, those aren't the answers to either of the 5 lyric challenges this week.)

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