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Well, hells bells: Great white sharks love AC/DC music

ac-dc.jpgIf you want to attrack Great White Sharks in Australia. you don't need a bigger boat. You need AC/DC.

"Matt Waller, a tour operator in South Australia's Neptune Bay, has observed that when sharks hear the band's hits, especially Shook Me All Night Long and Back in Black, they are drawn to the source of the music," Australian Geographic reports. "Using underwater speakers attached to diving cages, [Waller] pumped Australian rock hits through the water. Most of Matt's tunes had no effect, but when the great whites heard the AC/DC songs, they swam up and rubbed their faces against the source of the music."

Interesting that it'd be the '80s version of AC/DC and not the earlier Bon Scott version. ... Okay, interesting to me anyway.

Matt acknowledges he is no expert on the minds of sharks and doesn't know exactly why they find the '80s rock band's music so appealing.

"Sharks don't have ears, they don't have long hair, and they don't head bang past the cage doing the air guitar," Waller told the website. Instead he believes they're drawn to the low frequencies found in AC/DC's music. Click here to read more of his insights.

[Last modified: Thursday, June 2, 2011 5:59pm]


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