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Wendy & Lisa call the office



Wendy_and_lisa It's a weird week at Stuck in the 80s when Wendy & Lisa call the office -- to talk to the TV critic, not me.

Earlier today, Eric Deggans got the chance to chat with the two lovely sirens, formerly of Prince and the Revolution, who are in the news now for expertly handing the scoring duties for TV's "Heroes."

I spent maybe 60 seconds on the phone with the pair beforehand, gushing childishly my declaration of never-ending love before handing the microphone over to Eric, who promptly did the same -- only with less drool.

However, I did manage to get two tasty bits of gossip from the interview. Lisa did most of the talking while Wendy shouted in tid-bits from the elsewhere in the room.

IS THERE A LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH PRINCE: "I just hate him! (laughing). No, we totally love him. We both love him so much it's stupid. And he is not an easy boy to love sometimes. He is crazy. Yes, I'm sorry. You can quote me. Crazy!"

Rolling_stone STILL IN TOUCH WITH HIM? "We've been through so much together with him, and we still communicate, we still come back together. He always knows he can always get us. ... Even to this day, he still sends tracks ... and says 'Will you put a guitar track on it?' "

For fans out there, Wendy & Lisa say they're currently working on a new CD of their solo work. And the soundtrack for "Heroes" was just released in the last month.

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