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We're all Otto love for the 'Repo Man' sequel



Repochick It's been 25 long years since Emilio Estevez's menacing take on would-be repo-man Otto dazzled ... umm dozens maybe? ... in midnight movie showings across the country.

And while the movie Repo Man may not have been a cash cow at the box office, it does enjoy a continued cult status that apparently its brand-new sequel -- Repo Chick -- couldn't even possibly hope for.

The reviews of director Alex Cox's movie are starting to leak out, and the word isn't good.

"Repo Chick could be likened to what you would get if Michael Moore directed an episode of Nick Jr.kiddie series Lazy Town," writes Variety's Leslie Felperin. "In other words, it's fun but all over the map, an oddity that will prove an acquired taste for some, but way too annoying for others."

The movie premiered this week in Venice ("Welcome to Italy" ... obligatory Stripes quote.) and revolves around "a spoiled heiress goes into the repossession biz and stumbles onto anti-golf vegan terrorists," Variety says. has more plot details, if you want them.

Of course, Twitter fans have their opinion too: “Don’t ever see Repo Chick unless you like model trains, valley girls, and bad green screen,” writes @KyleWhite.

But nobody answers the important questions. Where there be glowing cars? A killer punk rock soundtrack? Plates of shrimp? I'm just not feelin' 7-Up about it.

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