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'We're just going to like blaze away'



Nightranger Our latest podcast -- Night Ranger, featuring an interview with frontman Jack Blades -- is now officially online. Click here to download it, or click here to get all our podcasts for free on iTunes.

It's been almost 25 years since 'Sister Christian' went motoring to the top of the charts. But Blades, drummer Kelly  Keagy and guitarist Brad Gillis are ready to crank up another national tour this spring. They play Saturday night with former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung at Clearwater's Ruth Eckerd Hall.

It's an seemingly odd pairing considering Blades' longtime musical partner, Styx's Tommy Shaw (Damn Yankees, Shaw/Blades), had a serious falling-out with DeYoung after the singer left Styx and sued the band. So any tension between Blades and DeYoung? Nope.

"Bands are like marriages ... when stuff happens, stuff happens," Blades said. "People want to look for drama and people want to look for problems ... sometimes when it's not even there."

Here are some other highlights from our interview:

Does it ever get old playing Sister Christian?

Blades: "You would think that ... [but] when you look out there and you start that song and you see everyone freaking out and then you see everyone raising their hands ... getting ready to sing 'Motoring!' with you ... Wow, it's like the first time you ever played it. No, I never get tired of playing any of those songs."

Were you a party band back in the 80s?

Blades: "You can't help it. Here we are, in 1982 or 1983 ... and we hit the road for 18-month or two-year tours. It's the perfect lifestyle if you're like a 21-year-old single male."

Rumor has it you're leaving Sunday for Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for a show. What's up?

Blades: "We're going to go play for the troops. We're going to show the troops that you can still rock in America. ... We're excited. We're just going to like blaze away with some serious rock and roll for those cats. And I think they're gonna love it."

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-- Dennis DeYoung with Night Ranger. Saturday, Jan. 19. Ruth Eckerd Hall. Tickets are $49.50. (727) 791-7400.

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