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Wham! reunion: George and Andrew together again



wham.gifRemember 1986? George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, aka WHAM!, probably do because it was the last time the two of them were in the same room together! Alas, it's the holiday season and time for a little forgive-and-forget. And so we give you epic news of the WHAM! REUNION!

Well, sorta. George and Andrew -- or some damn good lookalikes -- are the stars of a few video by Brit popsters The Boy Least Likely To (worst group name ever ... or best name ever for a Smiths' song) for their song George and Andrew.

"I always wonder if Andrew missed being in Wham! and if he ever felt like it finished too soon," Jof Owen from "The Boy" told Spin. "I wonder what it must have felt like after their final concert, knowing that things would never be the same for him, and that even though George would still have a pop career, for Andrew that dream they'd shared since they were at school was pretty much over."

Song of the lyrics, according to Spin magazine: "At Christmas time it's nice to get together with your friends / Especially the friends that you don't get to see much anymore," Owen sings. "It isn't Wham! sitting in that pub on Christmas Eve / It's just two friends called George and Andrew / Who've known each other since they were 13." 

Aww, syrupy sweet. You know what would be sweeter? AN ACTUAL WHAM! REUNION! We'd pay good money for that. In the meantime, check out the video:

[Last modified: Wednesday, December 1, 2010 9:20am]


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