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What '80s movie character are you?

Jeff Spicoli You've seen all the movies, over and over again. Some characters made you cry, others made you laugh. Still others made you tingle all over. (James Spader fans, we're looking at you.) But what I really want to know is:

What movie character is most like you?

Maybe you're misunderstood princess like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. Or a mischievous geek like Matthew Broderick in War Games. Don't anybody DARE say you're Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. That character should have his jersey retired for all time.

If Meatballs was an '80s movie -- just barely missed -- I'd say Sean Daly and I were Larry and Spaz. But now I'm going with a more modern Louis and Gilbert from Revenge of the Nerds. (I get to be Anthony Edwards. Sorry. But that means Sean gets to go all Darth Vader on "Betty Childs" in the Moon Walk.)

If you want, feel free to pick two characters: the character you are ... and the character you aspire to be. 

Gary WHO I AM: A little obvious here, but I'm sticking with "Gary" (Lawrence Monoson) from Last American Virgin. Unlucky in love. Falling for a girl from the moment he sees her. Losing her to his slimy best friend. Being there to catch her when she's dumped. Falling for her all over again. And crying in his car with James Ingram playing gently in the background when he loses her yet again. Saddest movie character in all the '80s.

SureThing2 WHO I'D RATHER BE: Oh, no doubt. Walter "Gib" Gibson (John Cusack) from The Sure Thing. Confident, funny, great hair and he knows what he wants. And he's a scholar, brilliantly explaining a pizza's ideal sauce-to-cheese ratio for an English paper. And ultimately, he's a guy who is rewarded for doing the right thing -- something that never happens to me in real life anymore -- when he turns down his "sure thing" and goes for Daphne Zuniga. You go, Gib.

Okay, so no lame Facebook application here. You decide on your own: What movie character are you ... and which one do you aspire to be?

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