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What's up with '80s girl-next-door Catherine Mary Stewart?



Catherine_Mary_Stewart Let's face it: Catherine Mary Stewart was the reason teenage boys fell in love during the '80s. She gave off that innocent-but-sexy vibe in every '80s flick, including The Last Starfighter, Weekend at Bernie's and Night of the Comet.

Heck, she's the reason Alex Rogan flew home with Grig from Rylos -- just to bring her back so that he could rebuild the Starfighter legion. If that's not love...

So sit back and enjoy a fantastic two-part interview with Stewart by the always entertaining movie blog What Would Toto Watch. [Part 1 and Part 2]

Here are some of the '80s-centric highlights:

HER OPINION ON '80s MOVIES: "It’s weird looking at the movies of the '80s. I auditioned for so many of them and was in a fair number, so I kind of have a skewed opinion of them." [One of her favorites though ... Gregory's Girl.]

WHICH ROLE SHE'S RECOGNIZED FOR BY FANS: "It shifts as time moves on. It used to be Days of Our Lives hands down. Now that those who were kids in the '80s are grown up, I’m recognized from The Last Starfighter, Weekend at Bernie’s, Night of the Comet and sometimes Mischief.

ON LAST STARFIGHTER CO-STAR LANCE GUEST: "He is a hard working, giving actor. He made me feel secure and better in my role opposite him. We created a real character relationship, and he made me realize how important it was to do the work."

ON STARFIGHTER CO-STAR ROBERT PRESTON: "He exuded charm, warmth and that movie star magnetism that is impossible to describe. When I met him he took my hand and kissed it and told me what a pleasure it was to meet me. His voice was like dark flowing honey that projected from deep within his chest."

Her latest movie credit will be Rising Stars, costarring Barry Corbin and Fisher Stevens, due out in 2010. Check out more on Stewart at her official website.

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