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Long Duk Dong wants to know: Assuming this week's Halloween audio commentary/podcast comes out somewhat entertaining, which '80s flick will Stuck in the '80s cover next? (Good news, Duckster ... I'm leaning toward your signature movie.)

There is a fairly big list of movies we haven't touched yet. But the key to doing a good commentary is picking a movie that most of us own on DVD. So here are some possible picks.

BREAKFAST CLUB: Sure, it was the subject of our very first podcast. But that only lasted about 10 minutes! We've been dying to go back and give it a more proper tribute. I honestly haven't watched it in full since the theater though.

THE GOONIES: Like Halloween, I haven't seen this flick yet in its entirety. Why not? I just wasn't into kiddie flicks at this point in my life. I just wanted to sneak into R-rated movies and see some forbidden sex.

STRIPES: Speaking of forbidden sex, this was the first movie I saw as a teen that had any significant amount of nudity. And yet, it's never been the subject of a podcast. (Trivia: We did play Stripes last night after Halloween, until Sean Daly had to be forcibly removed from the Spears Lair.)

SIXTEEN CANDLES: I believe this is the one remaining John Hughes teen movie we haven't discussed. Why? Because it's too hard to be funny about one of the funniest movies of the '80s. But surely every one of us owns this classic on DVD, right? I think this is our front-runner.

What other obvious picks are there for a DVD commentary?

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